Crack Protocol


Stretch Marks Crack Protocol

The DS-V LINE crack protocol is a treatment process designed to ensure the controlled removal of dead tissue in damaged areas. This protocol involves the formation of scars in the process of skin regeneration and quickly it supports a healing process.

This treatment protocol opens micro channels that the skin needs it allows regenerating, repairing and moisturizing serums and vitamins to reach the skin at deeper levels. This process helps to nourish the skin and it greatly helps his revival.

The DS-V LINE stretch mark protocol offers a comprehensive and effective treatment for the revitalization of the skin and the alleviation of the appearance of stretch marks. This protocol can be used both in beauty centres and in the clinical environment.

Purpose And Application Method

The DS-V LINE STRECHMARKS crack protocol is a technique designed to facilitate the controlled repair of damaged areas of the skin. This unparalleled technique, in conjunction with DS V-LINE’s special high-activity products, has undergone clinical studies involving approximately 30 individuals under the DS V-LINE umbrella.

This treatment protocol allows for the direct delivery of the content to the subcutaneous layer of the skin with DS V-LINE FUSION, enabling the skin to reach deeper levels with the rejuvenating, reparative system, and content it requires. This process greatly aids in the repair and regeneration of the skin.

Additionally, the DS-V LINE STRECHMARKS crack protocol possesses the capability to improve tissue damage caused by the tearing of collagen fibers in the skin. Specially formulated components strengthen the skin tissue, create a protective barrier beneath the dermis layer, and enhance the skin’s elasticity.

The STRECHMARKS stretch mark protocol supports helping the skin achieve a healthier, smoother and youthful appearance. The choice of each component is personalized according to the needs of the skin and the severity of stretch marks. As a result, the DS-V LINE crack protocol allows the skin to regenerate and the appearance of stretch marks it offers a comprehensive and effective treatment for its alleviation.

DS-V LINE STRECHMARKS crack protocol is important on the appearance of connective tissue and skin it makes adjustments and increases the level of collagen in the skin, improving the overall health of the skin.

The techniques and contents developed for those who are looking for a comprehensive and holistic solution are a method developed for those who are looking for a long-term permanent solution. This treatment process, in addition to reducing stretch marks, reduces the overall it also improves your appearance and health

In The World Where You Can Make 13 Applications With 1 Technique Single Protocol

• Supports the repair of cracks
• Helps with regional weakening
• Strengthens the skin barrier
• Gives the appearance of smooth skin
• Increases elasticity in the skin
• Improves regional circulation
• Relieves pain

• Provides relief
• Burns excess fat
• Improves skin tightening and elasticity
• Don’t throw toxins
• Prevents the formation of cellulite and reduces existing cellulite
• It increases bone density and reduces mental and physical stress.

Crack Formation Zones