Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin, providing a brighter and smoother complexion. Our clinic uses the Athena Microdermabrasion Machine, which boasts several impressive qualities.

The machine features a very reliable German compressor, ensuring consistent performance. It has durable polycarbonate crystal containers that enhance its longevity. Additionally, the special air-mix nozzle eliminates clogging and reduces crystal usage, making treatments more efficient. With the Athena Microdermabrasion Machine, you can expect outstanding results and a radiant, youthful glow.

This procedure is popular for improving skin texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.

Concerns Treated By Microdermabrasion:

  1. Targets fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.
  2. Helps reduce signs of aging and improve skin texture.
  3. Addresses sun damage, pigmentation, and fine lines.
  4. Treats acne scars, rough skin, and pigmentation.

5. Improves the appearance of age spots and sun damage.
6. Smooths rough patches and reduce hyperpigmentation.
7. Enhances skin texture and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

What To Expect From Microdermabrasion?

1. Exfoliation: Removes dead skin cells, promoting cell turnover and a brighter complexion.

2. Improved Skin Texture: Smoothes rough skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Acne Scar Reduction: This helps diminish the appearance of acne scars and other minor skin imperfections.

4. Hyperpigmentation Reduction: Lightens dark spots and evens out skin tone.

5. Enhanced Absorption: Prepares the skin to better absorb skincare products for increased efficacy.

6. Pore Size Reduction:  Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores for a more refined skin texture.

7. Youthful Glow: Restores a youthful radiance by stimulating collagen production.

8. Non-Invasive: Gentle and non-surgical procedure with minimal to no downtime.

9. Suitable for Most Skin Types: Safe and effective for various skin tones and conditions.

10. Quick and Convenient: Quick sessions that can be done during a lunch break or between appointments.

How Microdermabrasion Works:

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skincare treatment designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion. At our clinic, we utilize the advanced Athena Microdermabrasion Machine, known for its superior quality and performance.

The process begins with the machine’s special air-mix nozzle, which sprays fine crystals onto the surface of your skin. These crystals, contained in durable polycarbonate containers, effectively abrade the top layer of your skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities. The Athena Microdermabrasion Machine’s heavy-duty German compressor ensures that the treatment is consistent and reliable, maintaining the optimal level of suction and abrasion throughout the procedure.

As the crystals exfoliate your skin, the machine vacuums away the used crystals and dead skin cells, preventing clogging and reducing the amount needed. This dual-action process not only enhances the texture and tone of your skin but also stimulates collagen production, promoting healthier and more youthful-looking skin.

Overall, microdermabrasion with the Athena Microdermabrasion Machine is a safe and effective way to revitalize your skin. By gently removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, it helps to improve various skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone, leaving your skin brighter, smoother, and more radiant.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is microdermabrasion?

     A non-invasive skin treatment that exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, improving the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.  

  • How does it work?

     The Athena Microdermabrasion Machine uses fine crystals to exfoliate the skin and a vacuum to remove dead cells, revealing smoother skin.  

  • Is it painful?

     Most patients experience a mild sandpaper-like sensation with minimal discomfort.  

  • How long is a session?

    Each session lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. 

  • How many sessions do I need?

     Typically, 6 to 10 treatments spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart are recommended.  

  • Are there side effects?

     Temporary redness, slight swelling, and mild sensitivity, which usually subside within hours  

  • Pre-treatment care?

     Avoid harsh exfoliants, retinols, and sun exposure for a week before treatment.  

  • Aftercare?

     Stay hydrated, moisturize, use sunscreen, and avoid harsh products and sun exposure.  

  • Can I wear makeup afterward?

    Avoid makeup for 24 hours post-treatment to allow the skin to heal. 

  • Who can get microdermabrasion?

    Suitable for most skin types, except for those with active skin infections, severe acne, or rosacea.