DS V-Line Training Kit

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Starter Package Contents 

  • 1 box of yarn
  • 1 box of serum
  • 1pc tweezers
  • 1 plexiglass
  • 1 vial of ds 10
  • 1 vial of ds 11
  • supriz home continuation products

DS V-Line Training Kit

DS V-LINE Start Package: Revolutionize Your Skincare Practice with Advanced Training and Techniques

Elevate Your Expertise with the DS V-LINE Start Package – Training Kit Workshop

Dive into the world of advanced skincare with the DS V-LINE Start Package, a comprehensive training kit designed exclusively for beauticians aiming to master the art of skin rejuvenation. This package is the cornerstone of a transformative learning experience at the DS V-Line Academy, offering both theoretical knowledge and hands-on training to refine your skills and elevate your practice.

Workshop Content: A Holistic Approach to Skincare Excellence

Theoretical Insights: Gain in-depth understanding of skin anatomy, the science behind collagen stimulation, and the principles of effective skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Hygiene Mastery: Learn the best practices in maintaining utmost hygiene standards, crucial for any skincare procedure.

Applied Training with a Model: Transition from theory to practice with guided sessions on live models, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills needed for professional applications.

Starter Package Contents: Your Toolkit for Success

1 Box of Yarn & 1 Box of Serum: High-quality materials for collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenation.

1pc Tweezers & 1 Plexiglass: Essential tools for precise application and handling of materials.

1 Vial of DS 10 & 1 Vial of DS 11: Specialized serums for enhanced treatment effectiveness.

Surprise Home Continuation Products: Mint 100 mask set including 3 masks and 1 serum, to support ongoing client care.

Why Choose the DS V-LINE Technique?

The DS V-LINE technique is not just a procedure; it’s a groundbreaking approach to anti-aging and skin health. By stimulating collagen fibers within the dermis and activating cellular regeneration, it offers a comprehensive solution for:

Reducing Wrinkles: Smoothens fine lines and promotes a youthful complexion.

Strengthening Skin Barrier: Enhances the skin’s natural defenses for lasting health.

Elasticity and Vitality: Restores the skin’s bounce and radiance, revitalizing tired and aged skin.

The DS V-LINE COLLAGEN IP PROTOCOL: Beyond Surface-Level Care

This holistic protocol approaches skin health from every angle, offering:

Result-Oriented Applications: Tailored treatments designed to deliver visible improvements.

Wrinkle and Skin Barrier Solutions: Combat signs of aging and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

Collagen Level Enhancement: Boosts collagen production, significantly slowing down the skin’s aging process and improving its overall quality.

Exclusivity and Professional Development

The DS V-LINE Start Package is exclusively available for beauticians who have completed application training at the DS V-Line Academy and hold a DS V-Line Certificate. This is a professional-level kit, not intended for end consumer home use.

Elevate Your Career with DS V-LINE Training

By choosing DS V-LINE Training, you’re not just learning a new technique; you’re gaining the ability to offer your clients a truly advanced solution in skin care. With DS V-LINE, you can literally stop time, offering treatments that restore skin vitality, brightness, and elasticity.


For training opportunities and to become a certified DS V-LINE professional, please visit our site and contact us. Join the ranks of skilled beauticians who are transforming the skincare industry with DS V-LINE techniques.