If you are complaining of straight and weak eyelashes, the Phi Lashes Lifting treatment may be just what you need! Without the use of chemical cosmetics you can have curled and darkened upper eyelashes in just under 1 hour. Over time your natural eyelashes are strengthened with the Lash Lifting, thanks to the nourishing keratin oil that works at the root of your eyelashes to grow them longer and stronger!

About PhiLashLifting

Almost anyone is a candidate for the Lashes Lifting treatment, even those with sensitive skin. If you are tired of applying mascara on a daily basis in order to thicken, darken, and to curl your lashes, then the Phi Lash Lift will give you natural and beautiful results.

Lashes Lifting Treatment

Before you come to Fine Skin Care, we do ask that you do not have any eye make-up on, including mascara. If you wear contact lenses these will have to removed and you can wear them after the treatment. To begin, the lashes are cleansed and the lower lashed are tucked away using a pad to prevent the treatment from affecting them. The treatment is performed on the upper set of your eyelashes. Next the upper eyelashes are adhered to a silicone pad and a series of bonders, lotions and moisturizers are applied to the lashes and left to sit, in order for them to set the lashes to curl. The silicone pad is removed from the upper eyelashes, the lower pad is also removed and the lashes are then combed through, to present you with curled and darkened lashes. Each treatment takes 50-70 minutes.

LashLift Results

The results are expected to last 6-8 weeks, and even up to 9 weeks for some clients. The reason the results cannot last longer than this is that eyelashes have an elongation phase that lasts 6 weeks, and after 6 weeks the lashes do not grow and will return back to their original straight shape. You can repeat another session as little as 1 month from your first treatment to keep your eyelashes looking fabulous!

Lash Lifting® FAQs